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The answer is simple. You get a free, no-obligation credit card debt evaluation from a consumer recommended company.

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Weigh Your Options with American Debt Consolidation

More than 40 million US families are suffering from debt problems, with the average American household having $25,000 in debt. Credit card debt alone is pegged at $9,000 for every average American citizen. This is no big surprise given the fact that America is a country that runs on credit. It is also no big wonder that a huge industry has grown from the need to find debt relief. One of the most popular options to consider is American debt consolidation .

It is very easy to get lured in by promises of lower monthly payments and lower interest rates but debt relief is not a decision that you should make over just one radio advertisement or a sales call. The choice to get out of debt is something that you should consider seriously and not just look for instant answers. Debt consolidation is an option but it might not be the best option for you.

Debt Consolidation: Is It For You?

American debt consolidation companies usually promise the following things - lower interest rates, lower monthly payments, more savings and faster time to pay off your debts. In a way, their claims are true for they really could give you all that in an ideal situation. But what they fail to tell you is that it is very difficult to keep up or achieve an ideal situation.

This is how most debt consolidation companies work - they will give you a new loan to pay off all your outstanding credit debts. You now only have to pay them and only deal with one creditor. However, most American debt consolidation companies only offer secured loans, meaning your debt is tied to a property or an item like your car or your house. They can offer you lower interest rates because they know that when you default on your debt, they still have something on you. They could take away your car or your house.

With a lower interest rate and only one payment to make, you will definitely have a significantly lower monthly payment. Thus, you would have extra cash, which ideally, you would use to pay off the debt faster. But human nature takes over and a person is most likely to return to old spending habits and splurge all that extra cash on something else other than paying the debts. In the end if you lack the discipline and the determination to get you out of debt, American debt consolidation can make you fall into a bigger debt and even make you lose everything.