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Would you like to consolidate your credit card bills and free yourself from debt?

Our debt consolidation service is here to help you!

After you fill out the short online form with your contact information, a professional debt counselor will contact you and provide a free credit card debt analysis, and discuss your options.

You may then decide if the program is right for you.

Why Consolidate Your Credit Card Bills Through Our Website?

The answer is simple. You get a free, no-obligation credit card debt evaluation from a consumer recommended company.

  • Drastically lower or even eliminate interest rates!
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  • Substantially reduce your monthly payments!
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  • No Credit Checks, Home ownership NOT required

What's all the Hype about Debt Consolidation?

For many years, there are a lot of things said and written about debt consolidation . Some were good, some were bad. There are people recommending it, while a few are against it. So what's the truth? Is it good or bad?

True Debt Help

Debt consolidation is very appealing. You will save on interest fees, lessen your monthly payments, and live on the convenience of remembering one payment amount and one due date. However, negative people say that this plan is very dangerous! Be careful because the companies offering these services are just con artists that will let you fall into more debt than you can ever imagine! Sounds scary, right?

On the other hand, other people are delighted with the services of the debt consolidation company they are affiliated with. This is the only thing they could say about debt consolidation - it helped them to achieve financial freedom. In fact, they could never have done it by themselves without any help.

They took the following steps to succeed in their goal:

Home Equity Loan - they borrowed against the equity of their house. Due to this, they can avail of low interest rates and it is even tax deductible too.

Car Refinancing - a few of them also loaned money with their car as collateral.

Personal Loan - they approached banks or Credit Unions to apply for a single loan that will settle all their debts.

Loan Negotiation - they sought the help of a credit counselor for expert advice.

Debt consolidation is recognized by the government. Therefore, it must be a legal way of reducing or eliminating debt. There is no doubt about that.

You are Responsible

However, don't think that your debts will be wiped out just because you studied all about debt consolidation . It is not a genie in the bottle or a magic potion that you can drink and everything will be alright. At the end of the day, you are responsible for your own debt. If you continue to overspend daily, you will never be debt-free. You have to force yourself to pay cash and save some money at the end of the month.

It's true. Maybe you have heard these horror stories about debt consolidation . But there are successful stories too. And there are hundreds, if not thousands of them. So, who will you listen to? Do you want to learn from successful people? Or do you want to follow those who failed to discipline themselves in achieving debt freedom? The choice is up to you. GP