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Choose the Best Clear Debt Solution

With more and more people falling into credit debt, it is understandable that more and more services are being offered claiming to help you achieve debt relief. With so many services and options to choose from, it is very easy to get confused and end up choosing the wrong service for your needs. Good thing, we are here to walk you through the best clear debt solution available.

Choosing the option that suits you best becomes easy once you get a working knowledge on how these methods work and what they require of you. Most of the debt relief options available now are repayment plans, debt management, debt settlement and lastly filing for bankruptcy. Most people would jump right to the bankruptcy bandwagon, making the most common mistakes that people in debt do. Bankruptcy would expose you to a lot of stress and will not really give you the clean slate that you imagined. There are other choices guaranteed to clear your debt and it is best to exhaust these first before filing for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy should be your last option, not the first.

Credit relief options

There is no one clear debt solution for all problems. Every debt problem requires a different approach and a different method, lest you end up having a bigger debt and even more lawsuits. First thing to do is to realize the amount that you owe and your capability to pay for that amount. Pool all your resources into paying your debts and you might end up with no assets or resources. Ignore your debt and it will continue to grow in interest and the next thing you know, it would be next to impossible to get credit relief. What is important here is to strike a balance - be able to pay your debt without sacrificing other important necessities.

If you owe a relatively small debt and ignored it for only a couple of months, the best thing to do is to pay the full amount right away. This prevents the debt from growing and accruing interest and service fees. If it is difficult for you to pay right away, then ask your creditor if you could be given a repayment plan. Repayments plans are great because they allow you to pay the amount in a number of years with a smaller monthly payment. This makes it comfortable for you and much more achievable.

Another clear debt solution that you might want to try out in case you owe an extremely large amount is enrolling in debt management plans or debt consolidation programs. Debt Management Plans allow you to pay the amount in full but over an extended period of time. It may be for 5-6 years and though you might end up paying 130% of your total debt after the program, the extended period of time allows you to pay the amount in a much more comfortable manner.

Lastly, consider negotiating with your creditors and reaching a debt settlement. Debt settlement allows you to pay a reduced amount of your total debt, usually 40-60% less of the total amount. You can do this yourself, get a lawyer to represent you or better yet, find a debt settlement company that has a solid understanding on the workings of debt settlement. Most people consider approaching a debt settlement company to be the best clear debt solution.