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Consolidate Credit Card Debt for Financial Freedom

Credit cards are more available and accessible to all people than before. While it is a convenient way for financing the daily needs of the people, it also put a strain on their financial stability since they are now spending more than what they earn. Not to mention burden of the interest rates and the penalties imposed by these companies. Hence, if you are faced with this problem, you should consolidate credit card debt . Undeniably, debt consolidation provides a win- win solution for this problem.

The nature of credit card debt consolidation

Debt consolidation incorporates all the debts of a person to be paid as one through another loan. It is a win- win solution because the debtors do away with their loans while creditors still get something even if it falls short of what they should be getting.

Credit card debt is not a revolving credit, meaning, transferring funds from one card to the other does not prolong the term of the loan. Credit card debt consolidation will be useful primarily because it offers a lower interest rate. If you opt to consolidate credit card debt , your minimum monthly dues will then be significantly lowered as well. As a result you will be able to repay the principal amount of your debts a lot faster. You will no longer waste time in paying the excessive credit card rates that often amount to as much as 20% of your actual credit card balance.

Options for Credit Card Debt consolidation

The first option is a Debt Settlement Program where a settlement company strikes a bargain with the creditor in order to diminish the outstanding balance of their client. But creditors do not always accept such settlements.

Another way for you to consolidate credit card debt is through loans. This is used for settling multiple loans with just one fixed and lower interest rate for all the loans along with just one monthly payment for everything. There are loans that should be secured by an asset (often your house which may be foreclosed if you fail to comply with the agreement) but unsecured loans are also available.

You can also opt for a Debt Management Plan (DMP) to consolidate your credit card debt without the use of loans. The payment scheme would be adjusted to the monthly budget of the debtor. This consolidates all the unsecured debts into one single monthly payment. In some cases, this can also lead to a reduced total amount of all the debts.

Some people argue that credit card debt consolidation does not really help in preventing people from incurring debts that they cannot pay. However, it should be noted that if credit cards are consolidated, the debtor will find it a lot easier to manage his finances. An easier finance management can then lead to an easier and quicker debt repayment scheme that will then be beneficial for the debtor and the creditor as well. GP