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Smart College Students Consolidate Credit Card Debt

Do you know that an average college student today maintains several credit cards? Not only that, you will be shocked to find out that each of those cards have a sizable balance already. So by the time these students graduate, they are carrying a big chunk of debt which might be difficult for them to pay right away. This is why if you are a smart college student, you would consolidate credit card debt.

Adults have other ways to pay off their credit cards. This includes taking out another loan to consolidate their outstanding balance. For students however, the only option you can take to consolidate credit card debt is to transfer all your existing card balances into a single card with low interest.

If you insist on paying small amounts each month to cover your multiple credit card debt, you will only sink deeper and deeper into it. But if you are serious about crawling out of the debt pit or if you are someone who simply wants to streamline financial obligations, then you must consider this move. However, for your debt consolidation to be effective, you must choose your single card wisely.

Choosing the Best Credit Card

Before you consolidate credit card debt into a single card, you should scrutinize its features very carefully. You don't want to be trapped in monthly payments only to find out some fine print tricks hidden in the trade. Some of these are the following:

Teaser rates - one of the things credit card companies use to lure you to get them is by offering introductory rates. Be sure that you know how long will this introductory rate last and whether it will apply to the transferred balance or not.

Fees for balance transfer - watch out for those who will impose a hidden rate as high as 4% just to transfer your balance to them. Some companies waive this fee for the initial balance transfer.

Late payment fees - clarify if the low rates will disappear once you have a payment slip-up. Let's say you failed to pay your amount due for the month, will your 10% rate go up to 22% the next month? Be wary of these rules.

Obviously, you need to stop using your other credit cards once you have transferred everything into a single card. This can be painful, but you have to stick to the plan to enjoy its future rewards - waking up each morning without a single cent of debt. The sound of it alone is worth aiming for. So take action and consolidate credit card debt now.