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Sound Tips to Help Consolidate Credit Cards

One of the problems that families face today is their credit card debt. In fact, it's not surprising that the average household spends more than 50% of their income paying multiple credit cards with different due dates spread over the month. The highest balance occurs during the holiday season when spending on gifts is unavoidable.

If your household falls in this category, there is something you can do to manage your expenses - consolidate credit cards of your family by transferring all the balance of your high interest credit cards into just one card. This move can definitely save you a lot of money. Instead of paying 12-24% on annual percentage rates (APRs), you will only pay for 5-10%.

For example, if you have 3 credit cards with a balance of $2,000 per card, and you are paying 12% interest rates on them, you can transfer your balance to a single card charging only 5% interest. Now the money that you used to pay for the other cards can all be diverted to pay just one card. This will get you out of debt quicker.

Use a Credit Card Relief Company

Today, the credit card industry is growing every year. And every year, millions of people are plunging deeper into debt. As this goes on, the services of credit card relief companies are truly necessary to help the creditors collect their bills, as well as help the debtors settle their obligations in a non-threatening way.

Credit card relief companies can consolidate credit cards . They can help you negotiate for lower monthly payments and interest rates because they will be able to promise a consistent monthly payment that you can afford to give. Most of the time, you will just send the money to them and they will take care of paying your multiple creditors. Watch your statements and see your balances go down until all your debts are paid.

Other Ways to Consolidate Credit Cards

Aside from transferring all your balances to a low interest card, you have other options available to consolidate credit cards. You can opt to take out a home equity loan. This will enable you to pay all your credit cards in just one lump sum. Of course, you will now pay for your latest debt. But most likely, it will be easier to maintain.

Another way for you to consolidate credit cards is by applying for a personal loan with a low interest. If your credit score is good, this option should not be a problem. You can talk to another lender or bank to check if you qualify for this deal.