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Consolidation of Debt: The Real Deal

Around 40 million US households are suffering from credit debt, with the average American home having around $25,000 in debt. Credit card debt alone is at an all time high, with the average citizen having around $9,000 in credit card debt. With so many people suffering from credit debt and looking for ways to achieve credit debt relief, it is no wonder that more and more methods are coming up claiming to get a person out of debt. One of these methods is the consolidation of debt .

Debt Consolidation: The Basics

You have probably heard of debt consolidation since advertisements about it are everywhere. You can hear these ads on the radio, see them on TV or even read them on your mail. Debt consolidation seems to be the best option out there to get debt relief, but before you jump into it, better make sure that you know everything you need about consolidation of debt .

Debt consolidation is basically when you take out another loan to pay off your current debt. For example, you have a credit card debt, a house loan and a car loan. Debt consolidation allows you to pay off all those debts at once by giving you a loan that is enough to pay for all those three and in return, you will just be paying one single new loan.

Consolidation of debt boasts of giving you lower interest rates, lower monthly payments, faster time to pay off your debt and even the extra cash. This sounds good, right? However, what most debt consolidation companies fail to tell you is that it is really difficult to get an unsecured loan from them.

Secured loans or secured debt is when your debt is tied with a property or an item. It could be your car or your house. Because of this, creditors have something to depend on just in case you are unable to pay off the debt so they could offer you lower interest rates. Lower interest rates and only one payment scheme would definitely give you a lower monthly amount to pay.

Consolidation of debt is not for everyone and it would be better if you weigh the pros and cons. Though debt consolidation provides you with the ease of payment and a longer time to pay off debts, it also carries a much bigger risk. Credit card companies and other unsecured loans could only affect your credit rating and history while consolidation companies could take away your home.