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Improve Your Credit Today!

Do you moan whenever you receive your credit card billing statement on the mail? Do you get frustrated seeing the five-digit total amount due, followed by the ever-increasing interest charge that builds up each month? Fear not! Bad credit is not the end and you can start doing credit card debt reduction today.

The first thing you must do is to keep that credit card away from you. Place them somewhere that is not easily accessible. Keep it at home when you go out shopping or keep it in a bag within a bag for harder access during impulse buying. Charging purchases through your credit card when you still have accumulated debt balance is the worst thing to do. Keep your cards away until you have regained control of your debts. Applying for another credit is a suicidal action when you are still doing your reduction of your current credit card debt. The possible outcome would be that the company will turn you down and the application will not help with your credit card debt reduction plan.

Next step is to ask for your credit report. A credit report contains information about you and your credit history. You cannot do credit card debt reduction unless you know what to work on. This report can be obtained from official credit bureaus or credit reporting agencies. However, you need to be careful when searching for agencies in the internet as there are companies that will scam you. Once you get the report, check for errors. These can be as simple as misspelled name or as alarming as unexplainable purchases that you are not aware of. Report those errors and have them corrected.

If you pay less than the minimum amount in your billing statement, you will continue to have late charges stated on your bill. This will be reflected in your credit report. You need to keep your accounts current. If you are late by 180 days and more, your creditor might charge-off your accounts. This means the debt is uncollectible and charge-off status will remain on your credit report for seven years from the date it was reported. Although, you might get frustrated trying to fix your delinquent accounts and be tempted to close them down, you need to make sure that action will not affect your overall credit status. Start paying up whenever you can. The sooner you start paying your dues, the faster you can reduce your credit card debt. If you are still short on cash, sell some of your assets.

Your creditors are your saviors. You might think that they are the last persons to help you but you will be surprised that majority of them are willing to help you with your problem. Talk to them and they can give you temporary hardship program that will help you manage your payments. You can also seek professional assistance. There are centers that give counseling especially on this concern.

And lastly, you need to be patient. The problem did not start overnight, so neither will the solution give instant results. Do the previous tips mentioned above and gradually you can see your credit improve. GP