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Top 3 Credit Card Debt Solutions

Credit cards are probably the most popular financial option around the globe. If you survey people who are mired in debts, majority of the debt saddled population will tell you that a significant portion of their financial problems are comprised of credit card debts. Without a doubt, it is quite easy to fall into a debt trap if you use credit cards to often. If you have loose spending habits, and you are deemed irresponsible when it comes to swiping and spending, you will have a huge credit card debt in no time.

The primary reason why many people have credit card problems lies on the fact that these cards provide extensive purchasing power matched with loose repayment regulations. With the use of credit cards, you can use money which you haven't earned yet. Also, you won't even notice how much you have actually spent for as long as you haven't reached your credit limit. What's makes the situation worse is that if you always pay the minimum required amount on a monthly basis, you won't know that your credit card balances are actually piling up high, not until you can no longer afford the interest rate. Thankfully, many companies are now offering credit card debt solutions . In case you have tons of credit card debts to deal with, below are some options that you ought to consider:

Use a balance transfer credit card

You can get a new credit card, specifically referred to as a "balance transfer card". Almost every major credit card company offers balance transfer cards as reliable credit card debt solutions . Through this option, you can consolidate all your credit card debts into one. When looking for a balance transfer card, choose that which offers a zero balance transfer fee matched with a zero interest rate. However, you should also look at the length of the introductory period. Opt for those which have long introductory periods, preferably that which lasts for one whole year. Also, check if the regular interest rate is lower than the average interest rate of your current balances.

Get a debt settlement plan

Among the credit card debt solutions that you should consider is a debt settlement plan. You can get this service from various finance institutions, law firms and debt counselors. Through this plan, the counselor will have to negotiate with your creditors for a "friendlier" repayment terms. This means that the counselors will have to make arrangements where your total actual credit card debt will be reduced to as much as 50%. In addition to that, the counselors can also greatly diminish your debt by eliminating the financial charges that you have incurred before. These fees may be composed of the missed or late payment fees, in addition to the over-the-limit fees. Moreover, some creditors will actually agree to eliminate the finance charges or penalty.

Stop using credit cards

If the credit card debt solutions are not effective, the best thing that you can do is to stop using your credit cards. You will have to sacrifice your unstoppable purchasing power and start changing your spending habits. Use and spend your money only after you have earned such. Avoiding credit cards will significantly help you in devising a feasible budget that you can use in paying your debts steadily.