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Find the Best Credit Debt Help For You

Do you find yourself continually harassed by creditors and debt collectors? Do you find yourself buried in a mountain of debt? If you do, then you are just one of the millions of Americans who are also suffering from credit debt and are looking for credit debt help .

Like with most people, it probably started simple. You failed to pay once or twice or ignored the debt thinking that it would just go away and the next thing you know, it comes back to haunt you but this time, it's bigger and meaner. You've made one of the common mistakes that people do - ignore debts and thus let it grow and pile up in interest and fees.

Debt relief options

By now, you have probably learned that your debts wouldn't just go away and would follow you in the form of creditors and debt collectors. Right now, what is important for you to do is to face the debt and get a good grip of your financial situation. Before asking for credit debt help , you need to have a good idea of how much you owe your creditors, how much you need to get by and how much are you willing to fork out to pay that debt.

If you owe a relatively small amount and just failed to pay once or twice, then the best option available for you is to pay the amount in full within a short period of time. This prevents the debt from growing and accumulating in interest. If you find that you can't pay the amount in full, then try searching for repayment plans that let you pay the account in a number of years and with a much smaller monthly amount to pay.

Now, if you don't get a repayment plan, don't quickly jump on the "bankruptcy bandwagon". There are many more credit debt help available for you. The first one is enrolling in a debt management or debt consolidation program and the other is getting into a debt settlement with your creditors.

Debt Management vs. Debt Settlement

Though they basically sound the same, these two are completely different.

Debt Consolidation Programs or Debt Management Plans allow you to pay the full debt over an extended period of time like 5 or 6 years. You, the debtor, will pay 100% of the debt plus interest which will basically have you pay back 130% of your debt after the program. Though you are paying more, this program allows you to pay a monthly amount that you can afford and is realistic for you. Plus, payment is stretched out in a period of years so you wouldn't have to scrimp on other basic necessities.

Debt Settlement on the other hand offers you to pay an average of 60% of your total debt. Most companies are willing to settle for a reduced amount of the debt particularly if they see that it is more financially viable to settle for a smaller amount than to pursue legal action or hire a collection agency. However unlike debt management plans, debt settlement might have an effect on your credit rating.

There is more credit debt help available for you and your needs, but these two are probably your best choices.