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Get Rid Of Your Financial Problems through Debt Consolidation New York

If you have too many debts and you think that filing for bankruptcy is the only way out, you ought to think again. Filing for bankruptcy should be the last debt relief option that you should consider. Aside from the fact that it cannot relieve all of your loans and debts, it also has adverse effects on your financial life.

Keep in mind that bankruptcy can be reflected in your credit report for five years or more. As a result, even if you can potentially get rid of the majority of your unsecured debts right now, filing for bankruptcy will then prevent you from getting new loans and other promising financial opportunities in the next five or ten years to come. Instead of considering bankruptcy as a solution, you might as well think about debt consolidation New York.

Debt consolidation is provided by many debt relief companies in the state of New York. Basically, debt consolidation New York works as a debt repayment plan. In this process, your chosen debt relief company will negotiate and communicate with your creditors on your behalf. They can provide you with a debt consolidation loan which you can use to repay all of your existing debts or they can help you manage your debts through an effective management scheme.

As they negotiate with your creditors, they will propose reductions in your debt along with the assurance that you will be able to repay the reduced amount that you owe. In most cases, the reduction can be made by reducing the interest rate charged on your debt or by completely eliminating the finance charges that you have incurred before.

Through debt consolidation New York, your interest rates can be significantly reduced by as much as 50%. Since the interest rates are diminished, your monthly repayment dues will be reduced as well. As a result, you will be able to save a considerable amount of money that you can also use to pay off the principal amount of your debts. Such will allow you to totally pay off your debts in the soonest time possible. In addition to that, you will eliminate the stress and hassles brought about by dealing with too many creditors and different debt repayment rules and regulations.

Before you get a debt consolidation New York however, you should check if your chosen debt relief company complies with the state laws and regulations. The most notable New York law that affects debt consolidation practices is that which regulates "budget planning." Based on this state law, the debtor who opts for a debt consolidation plan should direct his monthly payments.

This means that the "budget planner" will then be in charge of allocating the payment to the creditors. Also, the state laws point out that the budget planner must either be a non-profit corporation or an attorney. Moreover, every debt relief company in New York should first get a license from the state's Department of Banking before they start their operations. GP