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Come up with the Best Debt Consolidation Plan

It has been said time and again that you are planning to fail if you fail to plan. You may be very good in planning a birthday party or maybe a vacation trip. But have you ever thought about a good financial plan? If you've got a mountain of debt, maybe it's time for you to think about your debt consolidation plan .

Consolidating your debt means getting another loan (preferably a low interest one) and using the proceeds to pay for all your existing creditors. The best way would be to take out a loan against your home so that you can guarantee low interest rates. When you do this, you can just concentrate on paying your new loan with all your might. In this way, you can finish it faster and enjoy a debt-free life sooner.

Plan your Finances

To ensure a great debt consolidation plan , you must sum up all your debts. Also, add up the monthly amortization payments you are paying for all of them. For example, you've got your credit cards, car loan, and personal loan. If you total all the balance of your debt, it would amount to $35,000. Then, you found that your total monthly amortization for all of them is $1,500. Now, you've got a very clear picture of your obligation. You need a new $35,000 loan amount with a monthly payment of less than $1,500.

So the next step is to shop around for the most appropriate loan. You can choose from a home equity loan, cash-out refinancing, and another personal loan. You can look into APR (Annual Percentage Rate) as a benchmark to compare different debt consolidation companies in your search. Get the debt consolidation plan that you can afford. Don't forget to take into consideration the additional fees that that the company will factor in.

Commit to the Plan

If you've made the effort to do the plan, you should also exert as much effort as possible to commit to it. Plan your work and work your plan. This is the only way for you to succeed.

Probably, this is the most important part of your debt consolidation plan . You have to control your spending and resist the temptation to use your credit card again. Set up a monthly budget and stick with it. Always pay your single loan monthly, no matter what happens. Remember that getting out of the debt trap is not as easy as you might think. But with responsibility, persistence, and diligent effort, anything is possible. GP