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The answer is simple. You get a free, no-obligation credit card debt evaluation from a consumer recommended company.

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How to Pay Your Debts Through Debt Consolidation Programs

Debt consolidation is the process of getting a new loan for the main purpose of paying several minor yet high interest loans. This is important because it helps the debtor avoid bankruptcy by collating his loans under one obligation for a minimal monthly payment compared to what he pays with each of his loans or debts. On the average, the interest rate for this new loan is lesser than the rate for the older ones.

The process of debt consolidation also allows the debtor to be at peace given that he doesn't need to pay numerous loans at the same time since all the loans are already secured in one. This, in turn, renders the debtor less stressed and less panicked than before when he was still juggling the schedule of his various loan payments.

All kinds of unsecured debts such as credit card debts, student loans, personal loans, and medical loans can qualify for debt consolidation services.

If I am on the verge of bankruptcy, who would pay my debts?

Just like in any loan, collateral is needed for debt consolidation approval. The collateral which will be asked of you will depend on the amount you need to cover your loans. This collateral will be taken away from you in case you fail to pay your debts.

Further, the creditors would be the one to pay your debts directly to your creditor. They will be the ones to take full responsibility over those loans. Although this might put the creditors in a good light, this does not happen through the goodness of their heart. They do this for business and mostly because of your collateral. And second, because they prefer that you consolidate your loans instead of filing for bankruptcy. At least by consolidation, they would still be able to squeeze some payments from you.

How do I apply for debt consolidation?

There are actually a number of qualified debt counselors which you can access through personal appointments, phone or online. They can either be from a bank or a credit institution. However, there are also some individuals who operate firms that specializes in debt relief programs. If you are not that confident with your ability to talk your way through banks and creditors, these individuals can represent you and negotiate with creditors and banks for you. They are also responsible for formulating the best plan of payment for you and will answer all the questions you might have. Not only that, some of these individuals do not charge consultation fees and they are very prompt in coming to your aid. GP