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Formulating an Effective Debt Elimination Program

Finding your way out of a debt trap can be a very difficult task especially if you are already mired in too many debts. In such a case, the best way to get out of debt is to formulate an effective debt elimination program . You see, you need an effective plan if you want to achieve your goal. A debt elimination plan will serve as your map towards complete financial freedom. However, in order to devise an effective plan, you should first abide by the following basic steps.

Consult a debt counselor

Your debt counselor will serve as your travel guide. If you are not familiar where you are headed and if you are finding it hard to finish your quest towards financial liberty, you can always turn to your "financial travel guide" and ask for directions. Your guide will lead your way. He will tell you which debts should be settled first and which debts can be set aside for later dates. He can help you construct your debt repayment plan. Anytime you find it difficult to stay on the right track, your debt counselor can help motivate you and keep yourself committed to your end goal. He can also negotiate with your creditors in order to significantly reduce your debt.

Negotiate with your lenders

In your mission towards financial liberty, your creditors will serve as your gate keepers. You will not be able to achieve financial freedom if you cannot settle your debts with each and every creditor. If you are not capable of settling your debts the way that they actually are, you should consider proposing new repayment schemes to your creditors. Your debt counselor can help you negotiate. In some cases, he can even negotiate on your behalf. An effective debt elimination program is that which allows you to settle your debts in a way that is beneficial for you and your creditors. This may include a significant reduction in your interest rate and the elimination of finance charges altogether.

Examine your monthly income versus your expenses

To be able to achieve your end goal, you should have the necessary tools that are needed to arrive at your end objective. In the case of your debt elimination program , these tools refer to the money that you need in order to pay off all of your financial liabilities. Before you achieve financial freedom, you will have to examine if your monthly income is enough to cover your monthly dues and your monthly expenses. If you think that your monthly income is not enough, you should consider getting another job or an additional monetary resource.

List down and compute your financial liabilities

To make sure that you are well aware of the obstacles that you have to face towards your goal to financial liberty, you should list down all of your financial liabilities. Your debt elimination program should be able to address each of these obstacles. In your list, include your outstanding balance, the name of your creditor or the lending company, the interest rate and finance charges, the monthly repayment dates, and the delinquency date. Add all of your financial liabilities and compare it with your monthly income. After listing everything down, you should then use it as basis to construct a monthly budget plan.