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Lower My Bills: Tips on How You Can Save Up More

The economy is experiencing a slump, energy and food prices are sky rocketing and right now, you are most probably asking yourself, "How can I lower my bills ?" It may seem impossible with the very high cost of living nowadays but there are definitely ways for you to save up and lower your monthly bills. Just follow the few steps that outlined for you and you will surely be on the right path to lower your monthly bills.

The first thing you need to do is realize what you're spending on and how much you're spending for them. I have divided the usual things we spend for into five categories: housing, transportation, family living, health care and recreation. Basically to lower your monthly bill, you have to cut down on these five categories and be more vigilant on ways that you could lower how much you spend on these categories.

Reduce your living costs

The five categories are called living costs because these are the usual things that we spend on to get by and be able live a full and happy life. Housing expenses, which includes mortgage or rent, utilities, housing repairs and maintenance, should only be about 32-35% of you monthly gross income. Any more than that and you are spending too much and way beyond what you can afford. To cut down on housing cost, try to find a place with lesser mortgage or rent. It would also help if you pay your mortgage early because you cut down on interest rates applied by banks. Cut down on lighting cost by using fluorescent light and you can save up to 50% of your lighting energy bill. That is one effective thing to do to lower bills.

To cut down on transportation costs, consider having your car regularly serviced because this prevents sudden and high repair costs. Also you can consider car pooling and/or using public transportation which would help you save on fuel cost.

Family living costs should only be about 25-37% of your monthly gross income. This would include expenses on food and snacks, personal items, clothing, household items and other miscellaneous family costs. This is probably the easiest category to cut down expenses for, particularly expenses for food and snacks. Make sure that you have a list of what you need to buy for this will reduce impulse buying and would greatly help you stick to what is essential. I was able to significantly lower my bills by buying out of season clothes which allowed me to buy the items for half the price.

Finally, check that your health insurance adequately covers your needs and that you do not over insure. Also, cut down on recreational costs by dining out less, throwing house parties where you and your friends could get to share a meal instead of you just hosting a whole party. I also tried to lower my bills by reducing my vacations costs by traveling during off-peak seasons.

Sometimes when we think that we've exhausted all our options and that we can't save any more, something will come up and allows us to do just that. What we have to do is to be cautious of our spending and be vigilant in finding ways and means to save more. �