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Why You Stall On Paying Up Credit Debt

Let's face it. You like the "spending now" but hate when the "paying later" becomes "pay now or else". You don't want to face that huge amount that keeps on haunting in your sleep. Here are some of the reasons why you are stalling the "final judgment".

"If I place the bill in a far away, it would go away." You know that will never happen, yet you keep on wishing it might. Time wasted is time spent. You cannot go back and change those numbers written on your credit. Start paying off your credit card debt now and enjoy the freedom afterwards.

"I don't want to know how much I am in debt. Repaying that amount is difficult and hopeless." You need to face your fear and accept your mistake of piling that debt over time. When you fall on the ground, you need to stand up to continue walking. Keep thinking positive and see the difference.

"I'm stuck. I want to pay off my credit card debt but I don't know how or where to start." You need to start small. List the accounts you need to fix up, and then prioritize which one to tackle first. Set a budget to slowly repay the debt. If you need help, there are professionals and credit centers that can help you.

"I don't have the money or the time." At first glance, the total amount seems daunting but you don't have to pay it at once. Start saving and start paying it slowly. Ask if your creditor has programs that can help you with your credit card debt management. Time is never the problem unless you want to delay or worsen the situation. Time can be your friend if you know how to use it.

"I'm afraid that fixing credit card debt will worsen it. I'm not good at numbers and I cannot solve it myself. If I try, my creditors might pressure me to pay up." You don't have to fix it by yourself. There are credit centers that can help you with your problem. Once the creditors know that you are willing to pay off your credit card debt, they are more than happy to help you.

"I don't have a credit problem." Denying the problem will not prove that it does not exist nor help solve the issue. Instead, it will grow worse since you are wasting time, which could have been used to reduce your credit card debt problem. Accept the fact and act on it.

"I don't want to make sacrifices nor experience the hardship when paying off my credit card debt." Do we not work to earn for a living? We made sacrifices and endured hardship so we could enjoy the rewards it brings in the end. That is similar to paying off your credit card debt. Sacrifices may be hard but it is for the best.

"I didn't know that I have credit problem." In the world today, ignorance is not an excuse. When in doubt, don't wait to discover the problem when applying for a loan. Ask for your credit report.

"I can just file bankruptcy." When you file bankruptcy, you only declare your inability to pay your dues to the creditors. Bankruptcy does not reduce your credit debt. GP