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Comparing Unsecured and Secured Debt Consolidation

Getting out of debt is really no easy task and more and more people end up lost and confused on how to get out of debt. With rising cost of living and with the economy in a slump, it seems like the only option left is to file for bankruptcy. However, before you jump into the bankruptcy bandwagon, check if you have exhausted all other options because declaring bankruptcy is more damaging since you can not easily avail of any loan if you have a bankruptcy record.

You have probably heard of debt consolidation as a way to clear you of debt and would like to try it out. But first, you have to understand the basics and that includes getting a working knowledge on unsecured debt consolidations and secured debt consolidation .

Secured Vs. Unsecured

When you say, unsecured debt consolidation, it means that the debt is not tied to any item or property. Unlike in a secured debt consolidation arrangement, a creditor takes a gamble on you since he doesn't have any security that he would get his investments back. Though it is ideal since you are not really endangering any of your properties or assets, unsecured debt consolidation usually requires higher interest rates.

However, many things are considered before you are granted an unsecured debt consolidation. Normally, only those with superb credit rating are being given the opportunity. There are also other things that would be considered by the creditor like job security, family life and assets among other things.

You probably realize now that with secured debt consolidation , you are required to present collateral. For you to be approved, you have to give the lender a valuable piece of property like a land title, boat or car title. As much as possible you would want to stay away from secured loans for in the event that you end up being unable to pay for the amount owed, then that property will be in the possession of the lender.

Gambling on a Secured Loan

Unlike in unsecured bet consolidation where the lender is the one taking a gamble; in a secured debt consolidation , it is you who's taking the gamble. Be sure to decide on what property you are going to offer as collateral and make sure that it is a property you are willing to risk. It is always better to prepare for the worst. Compare and contrast terms from many different lenders because there might be some who would take advantage of your situation and give you slightly higher interest rates and fees. GP