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Now YOU can be FREE from constantly due bills. Consolidate your debt into ONE payment that is easy to remember and even easier to pay.
  • Stop worrying about paying all those bills!
  • No more filling out tedious payment vouchers or paying those outrageous late fees!
  • Get bill collectors off your back and improve your credit score!
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  • Cut Your Debts Fast!
  • Substantially lower monthly payments
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We Consolidate Your Credit Card Bills Into ONE Easy Payment!

Your Debt Can Be Substantially Reduced No more remembering all those due dates! Now you can pay once and forget until next month!

Consolidate Bills is the professional financial site with established access to some of most desirable credit card debt solutions in the industry. We provide BIG Solutions to solve even bigger problems. You can rely on us to give you the accepted solution chosen just for your individual situation.

Now YOU can be FREE from constantly due bills. We will Consolidate your bill debt into ONE payment that is easy to remember and even easier to pay.

  • Stop worrying about paying all those bills!
  • No more filling out tedious payment vouchers, reading hard to understand statements, or paying those outrageous late fees!
  • Get bill collectors off your back and improve your credit score!

These days everything seems to cost BIG money. Bills arrive from all directions. It gets so you're afraid to look through the day's mail.

Don't feel alone. Just about everyone is experiencing the same frustration. Paying bills takes hours of your time each month. And you just can't keep enough cash on hand or funds in the bank to pay all those bills.

What can you do?

Let Consolidate Bills team you with professional debt experts who can help you whatever your situation! You can be left with a single, convenient payment to make each month. In the process, we can significantly LOWER your total bill payment.

Think of what you can do with all that cash you're saving:

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There is no obligation to begin, the choice is yours. Now that's an opportunity to change your life for the better that you just can't pass up. You deserve to be free of nagging bills. It's the improvement you need for yourself and for those you love.

  • Zero upfront costs to enroll in program!
  • Get debts off your credit while you pay back creditors!
  • Substantially lower monthly payments
  • Absolutely No Obligation!
Call 1-855-836-1878
for a Free Debt Consultation
Call 1-855-836-1878
for a Free Debt Consultation

How do you consolidate your bills into one monthly payment?

In order to consolidate your bills into one monthly payment, you need to take out a new loan. If you have a bankruptcy in your recent credit history, you might not be able to do this. If you have a poor credit score, you may have a difficult time finding a loan with a low enough interest rate for the consolidation process to make financial sense. When you have good credit, a bill consolidation at a lower interest rate could save you money and make your finances simpler to manage. You apply for a loan with a lender and use the loan's funds to pay off all of your bills. You are left with one monthly payment for the loan. It is important to make sure that you can afford the repayment terms of your bill consolidation.

What happens when you consolidate your bills?

When you consolidate your bills, you are essentially taking out one big loan with a long term in order to pay off your other bills. This leaves you with a single monthly payment. The monthly payment you make is usually lower because the term of the loan is long. Over the course of the term of the loan, you could end up paying more than you would have by paying all of your bills separately each month.

When does it pay to consolidate your bills?

It pays to consolidate your bills if you can lower your overall interest rates. Lowering your total interest rate by 0.5 percent or more could save you hundreds of dollars. It also pays to consolidate your bills if you are having a difficult time keeping track of all of them. Missing one payment could cause serious ramifications on your finances and credit history. If you consolidate the bills into one monthly payment, the process may be easier for you to handle.

How do you consolidate hospital bills?

When you had a severe illness or injury, you may end up with a slew of hospital bills. The best way to consolidate them is to talk directly with the facility. Their billing department may offer financial assistance and payment plans. You might be able to negotiate a lower amount by paying cash or paying a certain amount all at once. Avoiding the topic could result in your debts being sent to a collection service, and you could incur fees and a hit to your credit. If you have medical bills that you also need to consolidate, talk with the providers. CareCredit is a service that offers a line of credit for medical, vision and dental care. You make monthly payments based on a percentage of your income. A personal loan could be an option if the healthcare facilities and providers will not negotiate with you or set up an affordable payment plan.

How do you consolidate your credit card bills?

There are several ways to consolidate your credit card bills. Compare the different interest rates on your cards. If possible, do a balance transfer from the cards with the highest interest rates to the card with the lowest rate. This is the best way to consolidate credit card bills. If you are not eligible for a balance transfer, you could try a personal loan and use the funds to pay off the balances. If you have money in a retirement account, you may be able to borrow against it in order to pay off your debts. Know that you will have to pay income tax on the money you take out of the retirement account if you are not yet of retirement age. Some other options include borrowing against your house or car with a line of credit or borrowing from friends or family.

How do you consolidate your bills with a loan?

Consolidating your bills with a loan is an efficient option, but it is difficult if you have bad credit. If you have bad credit, a credit counseling service may be able to help. You might qualify for a secured or unsecured personal loan in order to pay your bills. The best loans for consolidating credit card bills are those that have no monthly fee and a low interest rate. You may need to do some rate comparisons and choose the lender with the lowest rate and fee combination. In order to get a loan for consolidating your bills, there are a few steps that you need to take. Those steps include: 1. Check your credit report. If you find errors, get them fixed. This could improve your credit score and lower your interest rate. 2. Dispute errors. You must dispute credit report errors in writing. It can take up to 90 days for the errors to be fixed. You may need to wait for an additional monthly reporting cycle for your credit score to increase. 3. Shop around. Compare different lenders and their loan options, rates and fees. 4. Submit a loan application. Some lenders allow you to do this online. Many lenders conduct a soft inquiry, which does not require as much information. If you get pre-approved, you will need to submit some additional information such as your Social Security number, proof of employment and proof of income level. 5. Follow up with the lender. You will need to provide bank account information for dispersal of your funds.

How do you consolidate bills with bad credit?

When you have bad credit, it is not as easy to get a loan in order to consolidate your bills. There are a few options that you have when you want to consolidate your bills when you have bad credit. One way is to get a secured loan. With a secured loan, you are putting up a piece of collateral. If you do not make your loan payments on time, you default on the loan and lose your collateral. The collateral could be a car title, a piece of property or a home that you own. Another option to consolidate your bills with bad credit is to have a co-signer on a loan. If your co-signer has good credit, you may be able to get an unsecured loan. If you default, your co-signer could be held liable for your debts. You could also declare bankruptcy. In bankruptcy filings, you may be able to work out a plan with our creditors to consolidate your bills or pay a lower amount that is just a percentage of what you owe. This has a long-term impact on your credit.

Where can you find a company that will consolidate you bills?

The internet is a great resource for finding companies that offer bill consolidation and other loan services. Your local credit unions may also offer this service. Before you sign any papers, check the terms of the agreement. It is also a good idea to verify the company's history, operating practices and reputation before committing to a consolidation plan.